Amplify Salesforce with Powerful Add-ons (March 2013)

Amplify SalesforceMany companies, including yours, have been enjoying the benefits of using Salesforce as their CRM system.  Even with all of Salesforce’s bells and whistles, it can’t do everything.  Looking to integrate Salesforce and Gmail?  View LinkedIn profiles within Salesforce?  Voice to text transcription into Salesforce? Problem solved… look to the AppExchange!  With the power of the AppExchange you can get access to thousands of applications that were built by third parties and the Salesforce internal development team and pick the one that best suits your business needs. 

Harvest Solutions has evaluated and used many of the apps and we’d like to share with you the most useful ones we’ve come across.

In this recorded webinar we cover:

  • What is the AppExchange
  • How do you use the AppExchange
  • Determining the best app for your business
  • Our favorite apps including:
    • Cirrus Insight
    • LinkPoint 360
    • Logger by Salesforce
    • RedHot News
    • DemandTools
    • Salesforce Touch
  • When to get help

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