Sizing Data for CRM (Oct 2013)

Sizing Data for CRMFinally, data is front and center in CRM. Where it should be. But just what are the key leading edge understandings for leveraging data to successfully create and keep customers?

In this complimentary, fast-paced, 60-minute session, you will learn:

  • Customer data doesn’t have to be “BIG” to be valuable
  • Four main data considerations for CRM 
  • Modeling data for cloud, mobile and social CRM.
  • Seven steps to gain usable, valued data for CRM

This webcast, featuring a live Q&A, is ideal for sales, marketing, service and IT professionals seeking to increase revenue generating performance. 

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This webinar is hosted and presented by: Harvest Solutions and the Perera Group.

Peter Perera is founder of The Perera Group and a consultant with over 25 years of experience working with small, mid-size and large enterprise organizations to increase customer data quality, usability and value.

At Harvest Solutions, our goal is to build a CRM system for your organization that will help you analyze your customers and opportunities, follow fast moving trends and identify and strengthen successful marketing programs.  Harvest Solutions is a certified business partner for, Hubspot and Nimble.