CRM Case Studies

Nimble Case Studies

Skyline Boston: Nurturing Customers with Nimble

Skyline BostonSkyline Boston had been using the now antiquated GoldMine CRM for years and was ready for an upgrade to a cloud-hosted solution. Though GoldMine is a fully functional CRM the team was simply using it as an electronic rolodex. After evaluating several CRM offerings, including Microsoft CRM, and Sugar CRM, Skyline Boston chose Nimble for the social business aspect of the application. <<More>>

Salesforce CRM Case Studies

R.H. White: How to know what your know about your customers

R.H. White Construction

Poised for a surge in growth now that the economy is emerging from recession, the venerable construction services firm R.H. White wanted to make the most of its marketing talents and client network. After nearly 90 years in business, the Auburn, Massachusetts-based company knew that it had substantial potential for growth in its key service offerings in utility management, construction, and engineering technologies, if it could simply harness all its customer knowledge. <<More>>

Axis Shield, Inc.: Teach a Man to Fish...

Axis ShieldThere’s an old adage about self-reliance: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and feed him for life.”  At Axis-Shield, Inc., a young and fast-growing health-care device company, this lesson is being applied not only to its customers, but to its own use of strategic information technology.  <<More>>

One Family: All in the Family

One FamilyFor the Boston-based non-profit One Family Inc., technology really is about keeping the family together. Its customers are single mothers whom One Family supports as they earn degrees, become financially - stable, and assume leadership roles in their communities. <<More>>


Moody Radio needed to strengthen its global network of affiliate stations

Moody RadioThanks to its new CRM solution, an integration of Salesforce and Outlook, this Chicago-based non-profit can now tune in to its clients' needs clearer and faster, no matter where in the world its millions of listeners reside. <<More>>


New Day Underwriting Managers finds communications to agencies has become more frequent and efficient by using Salesforce

New Day UnderwritingNew Day began operations in February 2005. Leveraging technology, efficiently and effectively was a key goal when the business was established. It began its operations from the first day on truly paperless platform, leveraging an agency management system that could provide integrated insurance and accounting processing and document management in the same system. <<More>>

Scribe-Salesforce Customer Case Study: CampusFundraiser

Campus Fundraiser

When college student groups, sports teams, and special interest groups need an easy, proven way to raise money for member dues, equipment, house debt, charity, or any other purpose, there's only one name to remember: CampusFundraiser. <<More>>

Microsoft CRM Case Studies

Oil Purification Systems (OPS):  Improved Sales Performance

Oil Purification Systems

Oil Purification Systems now integrates Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The result? Improved sales performance and a cleaner business process. <<More>>


Crystal Capital: Capital Fund Slashes Reporting Time, Improves Efficiency

Crystal Capital FinancialCrystal Capital Fund (CCF) personnel needed to enter customer data multiple times in several data locations, a process that was less efficient than the organization desired. Without centralized data, assembling reports was very labor-intensive. After adopting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, CCF worked from an integrated database. <<More>>