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Harvest Solutions has worked with many companies over the years.  Read more on what our happy CRM customers have to say.Harvest Solutions CRM Consulting reviews


  • The team at Harvest Solutions really fulfills the partner role. Each step of our project was planned and executed like a well oiled machine. Harvest was able to provide valuable insight into SF in order to help us build it into the platform we need it to be.

    Brett, Gregg, and Walt have all played major roles in our projects and will in the future as well. You couldn't ask for a more responsive or knowledgeable team."

    -- Alex Goldman, School Tech Supply

  • "We had an integration project to link to a custom in-house application. This was on top of a company merger where we were pulling in two completely different datasets. As the fields didn't map at all we hired Harvest to assist in the requirements and the development of a complex integration. They also did all of our data migration. They were able to resolve this with minimal issues. They were easy to work with and we would recommend them to others."
    -- David McKee @ Entertainment Benefits Group

  • "We had Harvest Solutions help our Organization with the implementation of Salesforce Pro. Throughout the entire implementation Jay Rivard and team provided excellent overview and project management to keep our implementation on time. I would recommend their services if you are looking into utilizing Salesforce or expanding your Salesforce footprint!"
    -- Mark Anderson @ Center for Audit Quality

  • "Harvest has been extremely adept at providing solutions and they've been highly organized in driving the solution to completion. I've been able to rest easy on projects with Harvest on the team."
    -- Andrew Furst @ Foundaton Medicine

  • "The Harvest team is very responsive and professional. They were able to navigate through some tricky data migration situations and helped make our implementation successful while helping to train our admin via a live webinar that allowed us to watch and learn while they built out our system. I was also impressed by their willingness to provide some support after the engagement was completed."
    -- Mike McQuigg @ Fleet Advantage

  • "Jay Rivard spent a full day with our business development team providing Salesforce training and helping us to make modifications to our existing database structure to maximize our use of the system based on our business needs and workflow. We were not only impressed by Jay's knowledge but it was by far one of the most productive consulting sessions that we have ever had.

    We also had a follow up half day Marketing/Social Media session with Mark Valerio who worked with us to optimize our integration of HubSpot with Salesforce. He performed a pre-audit of our HubSpot usage and came fully prepared to answer our questions and make great recommendations. Again, it was a very productive working/training session.

    We highly recommend the Harvest team. They are professional, knowledgeable and we look forward to their continued support."

    -- Paula Papineau @ Farm

  • "Jay managed to balance listening to us, answering our questions, and pushing through the necessary material. He was understanding about our schedules, and was always patient and helpful. Jay understood what we needed, was open to our ideas and gave us various solutions to our CRM needs. He led us through this process without taking over, essentially teaching us so that we can continue to intelligenly use Salesforce on our own."
    -- Beth Milkovits @ Eaton Vance Investment Counsel

  • "We are a small financial company who decided to purchase Salesforce in order to better keep track of our clients and contacts. Our goal was to be able to categorize all of the information we had in an informative and dynamic way.

    Our Harvest Solutions consultant, Jay, was very personable and dedicated to our efforts. After a series of initial conversations, Jay had a good understanding of what our company was hoping to accomplish with the implementation of SF. He helped us to easily upload our data to the cloud and trained me on administrative operation of the site so that we could be self-sufficient thereafter.

    I would definitely recommend using Harvest Solutions for getting started with Salesforce--they take an overwhelming task and walk you through it so that it is understandable and manageable."

    -- Amy Inman @ SCS Financial Services, LLC

  • "As a new user to Salesforce taking over management of an existing platform, Harvest Solutions was a life saver. Their consultant worked progressively and patiently with me to reconfigure our template and reports to match our current needs and uses. I could not have done it without them, I'll be back for another round of changes in the near future."
    -- Michael Schmell @ Yankee Barn Homes

  • "Harvest Solutions was very attentive to our needs and understood our process with very limited interruption throughout the process of integration. Once our data was available to use, Harvest Solutions was always a phone call away when we had a problem or customization needed. It was great working with them, I continue to learn new ways to work with Salesforce during Harvest's webinar sessions."
    -- Caitlin McKinney @ Sterling Resources

  • "At Netsmart, Harvest Solutions drove our initial implementation of Salesforce for sales and marketing, support, and Great Plains integration. The project was well run, Harvest delivered as promised, and the implementation remains the backbone of the company.

    Because of the positive initial experience with Harvest, we subsequently engaged Harvest to add functionality for sales tax calculation, credit card processing and automatic contract renewal.

    Harvest Solutions was professional, knowledgeable, and always available. I could not have asked for more."

    -- Walt Thomas @ Netsmart

  • "I was pleased with the way the problem was solved, especially since it was not as straightforward as I originally thought. Harvest provided recommendations that maximized the efficiency and usability of the program. They also worked closely with me to make the right trade-offs so I could stay in budget and still get the result I wanted. They were easy to work with and provided many useful suggestions."
    -- Mark Lefebvre @ Casa Systems

  • "I've worked with many technology consultants over the years with varied results. Many overpromise and under deliver, or sell something that cannot be delivered. They also can drop you mid integration because of poor time management or organizational issues on their part. I've found Jay to have the right temperament, skill, and project management abilities for the difficult task of creating and executing a customized CRM application. We live in a customized business environment where most CRMs are underutilized or not actively used. Jay's work will not only be used by all of the members of our team, but it allows our business to thrive via efficiencies otherwise not available in the marketplace. Jay took the time to work through our customizations so they would be done correctly and there were no unwelcome surprises."
    -- Elizabeth Garvey @ Joseph Barry

  • "Harvest was contracted to help set up, customize, and implement Salesforce in our organization. It was a simple process, the consultant assigned to us, Enrique Rairan, was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful."
    -- Giulianna Peri @ Medimetrix Solutions EXchange

  • "The folks from Harvest Solutions were great to work with. They listened to our needs and delivered a solution promptly, I would definitely use them again."
    -- Chip Hart @ eSEC Lending

  • "We have worked with Harvest Solutions on several projects and found them to be responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. Jay Rivard in particular has been very helpful with data conversions and has provided training to most of our clients. We recommend them without reservation."
    -- Ray Dugas @ Market Builders

  • "We've worked with Harvest Solutions on several enhancements to our Salesforce implementation. They've consistently demonstrated deep technical knowledge and willingness to partner with us."
    -- Andrew Wylie @Southeastern Asset Management

  • "We worked with Harvest Solutions on our initial implementation in fall of 2010. Bill Goulette was assigned to my project and he was great to work with. Bill and the rest of the team at Harvest is extremely knowledgeable in not only Salesforce, but how it pertains in day-to-day use. Being able to discuss the practical side of the use of Salesforce was just as helpful as discussing the technical side (this is a rare quality to have).

    Harvest has definitely helped my business get the most out of Salesforce, but more importantly they helped me to understand the software and how to do much of the work myself. Bill and Harvest are not out to just maximize billable hours, they are there to focus on what the customer really needs, and that is rare to find with many firms.

    Harvest is one of the more dependable, honest, straightforward firms out there. They consistently deliver things on time, accurately, and on budget!

    I would like everyone to know that I can say all of this with confidence from working with other partners from a past life. Harvest Solutions is a class act, and I will be using them for continued work and any other projects I can."

    -- Timothy Gerardi, Channel Manager @ R.J. Finlay & Co

  • "We worked with Harvest Solutions to implement Salesforce for our business. Bill Goulette handled the implementation and was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about Salesforce, easy to work with and quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish as an organization. Harvest has consistently delivered on their promises and exceeded our expectations."
    -- Seth Hauben, Intac International, LLC

  • "We are excited to put the Salesforce system to work for our Business Development group.  We are pleased with its ease of use and adaptability.  We appreciate the efforts of Harvest Solutions in helping us define our objectives, provide training to our group, and make the transition to Salesforce. Jay Rivard has been a great resource and is readily available to answer any questions. We look forward to growing our database and further exploring the full capabilities of the system."
    -- Stephanie Handfield, Marketing Manager, Gilbane Development Company

  • "We worked with Harvest Solutions to improve our Salesforce system. They were able to solve our problems and stayed within our budget. We really appreciate their work in understanding our issues."
    --Deborah Glickman, Understanding Our Differences

  • "The Harvest Team is very professional and continues to display deep technological expertise in The team is very methodical in their approach and consistently deliver to what they commit to. I would recommend the team to anyone looking for a business management solution based on"
    --Tony Zorc, AccountingSeed

  • "From our first meeting with John Rounseville to the many meetings and telephone conversations we had with Jillian Battis, it was clear that Harvest worked hard to understand our business. They asked us questions that not only helped them to build out the tool with all of the objects that we need, it provided us with an open forum for discussion with our employees and peers. I look forward to continuing to grow by using Salesforce and am thrilled to have Harvest Solutions as our partner."
    --Dorrian Cohen Fragola, Janitronics

  • "We worked with Jay Rivard at Harvest on our implementation and found it to be an excellent experience. We had very little knowledge of Salesforce, and he helped us not only to get grounded in that but also to rework some of our workflows to improve how we were doing things. He was also open to changes we made as we progressed, and was a great listener. We continue to use them to grow our use of Salesforce!"
    -- Sonja Gonzalez, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

  • "We were a difficult client and Harvest was very patient and committed to understanding our business and designing a user-friendly solution. We had used another consultant and then tried to do it ourselves, all to no avail, and Harvest finally enabled us to complete the installation. Highly recommended."
    -- Steve Goldberg, Social Finance

  • "I've worked with many technology consultants over the years with varied results. Many overpromise and under deliver, or sell something that cannot be delivered. They also can drop you mid integration because of poor time management or organizational issues on their part. I've found Jay to have the right temperament, skill, and project management abilities for the difficult task of creating and executing a customized CRM application. We live in a customized business environment where most CRMs are underutilized or not actively used. Jay's work will not only be used by all of the members of our team, but it allows our business to thrive via efficiencies otherwise not available in the marketplace. Jay took the time to work through our customizations so they would be done correctly and there were no unwelcome surprises."
    -- Pat Barry, Joseph Barry Co., LLC

  • "Our company had a great experience working with Jay Rivard and Harvest Solutions, they did a fantastic job to customize Salesforce for us and went above and beyond on many aspects of the project. I look forward to working with Harvest Solutions again in the future."
    -- Maeve Rawdon, Sullivan & McLaughlin

  • "We worked with Harvest Solutions on our SFDC implementation. It was a terrific experience. They are very knowledgeable and great partners. They always come to the table with solutions."
    -- Mahrukh Ahmad, HD Supply

  • "We had the pleasure of working with Harvest on a project servicing one of our key clients. Bill Goulette from Harvest was a key contributor and helped deliver success to our client with the same level of commitment as I would expect from my team. I would definitely recommend working with Harvest for your SFDC implementation needs."
    -- William Symans, Newmarket International

  • "We've been working with Harvest Solutions for about 5 months and they have been terrific! We initially hired them to implement at our company. We figured that we would have better success with our implementation if we hired someone who was familiar with Salesforce and had done this before. Harvest Solutions was that company and extremely helpful. They quickly learned our business processes and customized our screens so that when we turned on the CRM for the first time, our users were off and running in the first 10 minutes.

    We had them back again last week for some additional training on "how to further customize" our screens and "how we can improve the look" of our dashboards and the reports we are using. We learned a lot.

    I would recommend Harvest Solutions to anyone who is considering using a CRM and needs assistance in DOING IT RIGHT!"

    -- Scott Conover, R.H. White Companies, Inc.

  • "My company worked with Harvest Solutions to further customize SalesForce to meet our unique needs. Harvest Solutions helped us achieve each and every one of our goals and was wonderful to work with. Looking forward to working with Harvest Solutions again on other initiatives. Great experience! Jay was awesome and everyone thought he was an amazing SalesForce teacher!"
    -- Elsbeth McSolrley, Inflexxion

  • "I have been extremely satisfied with Harvest's service. Harvest has provided me with exactly what I needed to set up Salesforce quickly for use by my law firm and I have already hired Harvest two more times since the initial project. Thanks, Harvest!"
    -- Robert Plotkin, Esq.; Managing Partner at Robert Plotkin Law Firm

  • "We were using an application that needed significant modification.  We implemented Salesforce with the help of Harvest Solutions who then trained us on how to do our own customizations.  Now when enhancements need to be made, we can do that ourselves and instantly provide all our users a better way to manage our programs."
    -- David Levenson, Director of Finance & Operations at One Family, Inc.

  • "Our relationship with Harvest Solutions began when our SQL to Salesforce Integration project was in a severe crisis mode, due to unexpected changes in the consulting team that had originally worked with us. Harvest Solutions quickly understood our complex business requirements and gaps for project success. Success was finally achieved not only because of their technical expertise, but also for their openness to consider different solution approaches and effectively implement the chosen solution. It's been a true pleasure working with Harvest Solutions."
    -- Eddie Treizman, Director of Operations at Dial 800, Communications

  • "As a software professional I was very hesitant to commit my company to as our primary management tool having to rely only on on-line training for implementation and support. In my experience that just doesn't work. Harvest Solutions learned our business process and showed us how to implement Salesforce within our existing framework. Now we improve and automate that process on a monthly basis by utilizing Harvest as our Salesforce Administrator and "in-house" expert. Without them we would still be spending too much of our time getting the software to work instead of putting the software to work."
    -- Robert Steenbergh,, Inc.

  • "The consultants at Harvest Solutions were responsive and easy to work with. They knew their stuff and got the work we needed done quickly and efficiently. I was pleased with their service level and would be happy to work with them again."
    -- Christine Mertz, Director of Marketing Process, Infor

  • " enabled us to quickly pilot a new outbound sales program without the need to over-invest in IT infrastructure. The Harvest development team was instrumental in helping us to make it work. They were knowledgeable, flexible and capable of getting our project completed on time and on budget."
    -- Marc Braunstein, Director of Internet Marketing, Lifeline Systems, Inc.

  • "Harvest Solutions' development solutions consultant was very responsive in meeting our extremely short term development needs and with the help of their efforts, we were able to meet our deadline."
    -- Kevin McCarthy, Vice President, Product Development, Trillium Software

  • "Thanks for spending the day and all the help you gave us. My feedback mirrors what I've heard from everyone since then, and that is that the time we spent put us light-years ahead of where we were, and from a training perspective you really just opened so many doors for us that now we're trying to figure out how to use all these great new features we never even knew existed in the system."
    -- Ron Platukis, Courion Corporation

  • "Very professional, expert knowledge and dependable."
    -- Brooke Wolfe, Brooks Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    • "This was a great experience for us. The training was tailored to our current needs and not cookie-cutter. This enabled us to use the time in a very effective manner. Not only did we get 110% of what we were expecting, we also had the opportunity to find out what we didn't know. The skill, product knowledge and likeability of your Trainer (Bill) was most impressive. We are looking forward to his next visit."
      -- Sean Powers, RTM Communications