What is Social CRM?

Posted by Cathy Boudreau on Jul 8, 2012 2:19:00 PM

What is Social CRM?Because of its growing presence in the relationship between businesses and customers, it’s important to be able to answer the question, what is Social CRM (SCRM)?  Knowing how the process works and how it can benefit both businesses and consumers is essential to making social crm management effective. 

SCRM is social customer relationship management, and it’s an enhanced form of crm that moves the customer to the front and center of the business stage.  Social crm, as its name implies, uses social media sites to build relationships between the customer and company. It makes them more transparent, while at the same time making them more intimate.  SCRM implementation by a company allows it to interact with customers on their chosen social platforms, build personal relationships with those customers, and not only take data away that can be used to enhance marketing and sales, but give control of the relationship to the customer to freely express thoughts, concerns, likes, and dislikes with the company out in the open. 

Some of the questions commonly asked of SCRM and its interaction with various aspects of a business are answered below:

From a customer relationship viewpoint, what is Social CRM?  It is complete ownership of the brand by the consumer.  It is the brand’s presence on social media sites, day and night, collecting and responding to feedback from the consumer, positive and negative.  It is responding to customer’s issues rapidly, and ensuring their complete satisfaction in the process. 

From a marketing standpoint, what is Social CRM? It is targeted promotional programs that are based on data collected through crm software and social media sites, and delivered to specific audiences in forums of their choosing, not the company’s.  It is about delivering the message to customers and potential customers where they reside, not where the business resides.  It takes advantage of social media to promote the product without shoving the product in consumers’ faces.   

From a sales outlook, what is Social CRM? It is discovering what the customer wants and needs based on social commentary and feedback, and then delivering it. It again uses the analytics of crm applications, but combines that with data gathered from social media interactions and message boards to develop leads and deliver results to the client.  

From a business perspective, what is Social CRM?  It is a complete integration of all departments within a company, aligned with a single purpose – a satisfying customer experience.  It is an analysis of data from crm software and social media sites, and the distribution of that data to the marketing and sales departments for targeted advertising, lead generation, and sales.  It is a customer service organization armed with all of the information it can gather about a particular client through its direct and indirect interactions with that customer.   It is about creating partnerships with consumers, and making them participants in the success of the business.

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