CRM Integration Empowers Your Business

Too many companies have been burned by an unfortunate business decision based on bad data. With the right CRM system integration, business owners reduce the risk of losing revenue and customer retention when equipped with the most up-to-date intelligence about their business.

Depending on your business needs and budget, Harvest Solutions can help you choose the appropriate product to integrate data and processes across departments company-wide. Based on our successful methodology, we are confident your business can achieve an efficient and seamless workflow.

Why integrate now?  Sharing information across departments allows everyone to work smarter.
  • Eliminate toggling between multiple systems to find the information you need to make both internal and external business decisions. Workflow becomes more efficient when unnecessary manual processes and task duplications are significantly reduced.
  • Collaborate and meet internal and external needs with real-time information. If one of your customer support representatives upsells a client, the information is recorded in accounting in real-time and then integrated with the CRM system.
  • Retrieve information with reporting functionalities. For example, accounting teams can access pertinent sales information to quickly generate reports for upper management.
  • Monitor and manage your business within one master centralized database. Keeping business processes simple ensures greater potential for business growth. Harvest Solutions believes CRM integration does not have to be complicated and can help your business achieve a more positive internal experience.

Every smart business owner knows that consistently managing critical information is how you stay ahead of your competition. If you’re a business owner and are looking for a better way to organize and leverage information about your business, contact Harvest Solutions by filling out the form on the right for a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

Applications to help you solve your Integration challenges

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