How Marketing Automation Can Empower Your Marketing Team

Equipping your marketing team with intelligent information about your audience and their needs is essential to stay ahead of your competition.

Harvest Solutions’ team can help your business get away from a “spray and pray” marketing strategy. Arming your marketers with the right intelligence about your current marketing efforts and your audience will support your sales team in being more effective.

We strongly believe that the right CRM system is critical for marketing success.

  • Campaign Management: Use the marketing data you collect in your CRM to determine what is working and what is not. Easily track email communications, promotions and campaigns with organized management functions within the CRM system.
  • Lead generation: Where are your leads coming from? Finding the sources of success can help you focus on rich target environments, as well as, help marketers unveil new sales opportunities and lead generation pools.
  • Reporting: Calculate the ROI of each marketing campaign to better allocate resources over time. A dollar saved is always a dollar earned, and your executives will praise you for your budget savvy skills.
  • Automation: Believe it or not, marketers are humans, too. However, we all could use a little help from our robotic friends from time to time. Without losing that human touch, CRM systems help marketers maximize their workflow by processing critical data behind the scenes.
  • Website Analysis: Are you attracting desirable traffic? The right CRM system can provide deeper insight into the website improvements needed to increase your conversion rate.

Better marketing efficiency is attainable with the right CRM system for your business. If you want to improve your marketing initiatives, contact us by filling out the form to the right for a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

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