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    Harvest Solutions' Methodology Leads to Successful CRM Implementations

    Our methodology...the way we do business…that’s what sets us apart from other CRM consulting firms.. It’s what will set you apart from your competitors.

    In a nutshell, we look at the way your company does business. We perform a needs assessment, based on our methodology and experience, where we know what questions to ask, who to ask, and how to help prioritize the different needs of various departments. We include managers, end-users, administrators – the people who know your company and its products. At the end ofthis process, we create a blueprint for building a successful CRM implementation. We implement key items first, thus putting valuable resources in strategic areas that will result in a rapid return on investment. Sound hands-on and personalized? Well, it is. As you harvest the benefits, we continue to meet with you and assess your needs for customer relationship management as your business continues to grow, adding new features as you need them.

    Visualize the CRM Project

    The Visualize Phase of our CRM consulting process begins once the customer has accepted the proposal. In order to initiate work, the customer must provide a signed copy of the proposal, which includes the Scope Statement or Statement of Work, a deposit, and a purchase order if required by the customer for payment. This Phase ensures that the assigned project manager and team have a process to fully understand the deliverables and budget for the engagement in greater detail. The Visualization Phase is initiated by the assignment of the project manager and is completed when the project team fully understands the project’s deliverables and budget.

    Design the CRM System

    In this phase, Harvest Solutions digs into your business model to identify low-level requirements for a customer relationship management solution. This is done business unit by business unit. The end result of this requirements gathering is a blue print for building a successful CRM implementation. A common by-product of this phase of our CRM consulting process is a better understanding by the customer of their own business.

    Develop the CRM Solution

    The Development Phase provides the assigned project team with a process to complete the development of the customer relationship management system, as specified in the Design Phase. All of the information gathered and analyzed in the Design Phase is the basis for a successful Development Phase. This Development Phase begins with the completion of the Design Phase. The bulk of the Development Phase ends with the installation of the system in the Apply Phase, however some development tasks may continue through the pilot testing and evaluation.

    Apply the CRM Implementation

    The Apply Phase provides the Project Team with the process to successfully manage and deliver the project. This is the phase where most of the actual hands-on work takes place, and is the most challenging of all of the phases for the Project Manager and the Project Team.

    Harvest the Results

    The Harvest Phase is designed to provide the Project Manager with the process and tools to properly close out or transition all aspects of the customer relationship management project. This phase of our CRM consulting process ensures that all deliverables were completed, that the goals of the project were achieved, the customer is satisfied and obtaining a return on investment. Once the Harvest Phase is completed, we move into our innovative Grow Phase.

    Grow with Expert CRM Consulting

    The Grow Phase provides the Project Manager and the client tools to review their customer relationship management system against the current business environment. Suggestions are made both for using already available features to greater advantage, and adding additional features that might bring greater usefulness to the system. Future phases are discussed and planned.