Harvest Solutions' Professional CRM Services

Harvest Solutions' Professional ServicesYou have many business decisions to make and we want to help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting, implementing and managing your salesmarketingcustomer service and social business systems.

Our consulting approach revolves around a successful methodology, which has helped hundreds of businesses choose the right CRM system, enhance and customize the product within their budget, train and support their employees, and continue to make intelligent decisions to grow their business.

Our professional suite of services includes:

  • CRM QuickStart - Our QuickStart program is designed to get you up and running on Salesforce in 5 consecutive days so that you can realize your CRM ROI quicker.
  • CRM Implementation – Every business plan needs a smart strategy. Our experts work closely with your management, executives and staff (including IT) to gather information about your business, create a strategic CRM implementation plan, and then successfully put it into effect.
  • CRM Relaunch - At Harvest Solutions, one of our specialties is to look at an existing CRM implementation, and provide you with a Return On your Investment. We'll meet with you and determine why your employees aren't using it and how to help remedy it.
  • CRM Development - Extend your basic CRM functionalities to include "back office" processes beyond sales, marketing and customer service. This will give you a more holistic view of your customer.
  • Data Integration – We believe data integration is critical. Without accurate intelligence about your customers and business processes, you may be losing opportunities to generate more revenue. Our experts know the right tools and the right processes to aggregate your pertinent systems to prevent data duplication and to provide better intelligence about your customers or clients.
  • CRM Analytics - Every CRM system should leverage analytics and can help your business unveil some profound insights about your customers you might be missing from basic Salesforce reporting.
  • CRM Training and Support - As a part of our CRM Implementation services, we offer training and support for your end users and system administrators to effectively adopt and work within the functionalities of your CRM system.
  • Marketing Automation - While CRM systems do have some marketing features, it is not a replacement for a marketing automation system. We can help you integrate your marketing automation system, such as Pardot or HubSpot, with Salesforce so your marketers can get a better handle on what's working and what's not.

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