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CRM DevelopmentHarvest Solutions is dedicated to learning about and applying the latest Salesforce technologies available in order to develop well-tuned CRM systems for our clients. And, our Salesforce Apex expertise allows us to further customize CRM systems within the Salesforce platform to include “back office” processes beyond sales, marketing and customer service.

At the core, Salesforce CRM is designed to support front-facing business operations. In an effort to centralize all operations, Salesforce Apex was introduced for developers to create unique applications that work within the Salesforce platform. The result: a holistic system to organize and manage your entire business more effectively.

Harvest Solutions has helped clients leverage Salesforce Apex development tools in order to further enhance their CRM benefits, including:

  • Extending current Salesforce functionalities to include accounting, for example
  • Joining together other current systems into the Salesforce platform
  • Creating a more holistic, centralized CRM system
  • Enhancing customer and/or reseller portals
  • Developing unique applications that are tailored to your specific business processes

We are more than simply a technology provider. At Harvest Solutions, we strive to partner with our clients, understand their goals and objectives, and work towards developing the best Salesforce CRM solution for their business.

To learn more about our expertise with Salesforce Apex and, please contact us for a complimentary 1-hour evaluation or to discuss options for your Salesforce CRM needs.

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