CRM Relaunch

You thought you did everything right. You selected a highly-rated CRM system for your organization and even hired a reputable implementation firm. But now that the system is rolled-out, your sales team is still not using it. What went wrong with the CRM Implementation
At Harvest Solutions, one of our specialties is to look at an existing CRM implementation, and provide you with a Return On your Investment. We'll meet with you and determine why your employees aren't using it and how how to help remedy it.

What’s included in our CRM Relaunch Services?

Review SessionCRM Relaunch

  • Determine where you are and where you want to go
  • Discuss current issues/pains with the system
  • Look at features that are not currently utilized
  • Look at the structure of current configuration
Report on Findings that includes:
  • Recommendations on how to fix current issues
  • Ideas and opportunities to improve your Salesforce implementations
  • Review of new features that can be utilized
  • Best practices
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